The Abi Diaries (part five)

It has been a full year since my god daughter, Abigail, has had a sleepover at my place.  Where has that time gone?  Although I have seen her regularly during that year, it is really only when I have her stay with me that I am reminded that she is growing up – quickly!  When did 5 become 10?  I must have missed that memo!

At five and three quarters, Abi is caring and loving and helpful.  She is so caring that she brought a birthday present and card for me, that she had chosen and written herself. The colour is my colour and  the gift just perfect.  My birthday is still a month away, but her mum said that she could not be dissuaded!

2016-01-15 19.24.49
Early birthday crab from Abi. Orange – just my colour!

She is quite confident at trying most things and speaks the truth – well, the truth from her perspective!  Abi says …

  • I can speak cat and I can understand when they speak to me!  (While listening to Fev the cat purring)  What is that noise Fev is making?  Why is she growling?!
  • I am very good at cracking eggs for baking!  (And she is!)
  • I like to design clothes and that will be one of my jobs when I grow up.  The other job I will have will be a Zoo Keeper with the lions and tigers because I like to cuddle cats.  (And she does …. Fev doesn’t like it quite so much!)
  • You will need a lot of sunscreen for your big legs, Mandy! (And I did!)
  • I don’t feel like going to sleep yet. (5 minutes later …  sound asleep for 11 hours)
  • When will we be going shopping because I would like  to wear the dress you buy for me when Mummy comes to pick me up to take me home this afternoon? ( Sorry Darling, but I won’t be taking you shopping for a dress – maybe the beautiful Ruby Olive bracelet I bought for you will be enough this time!?!)

2016-01-14 14.07.54

We have had a lovely girl time together.  We have baked red velvet cake, which did not taste so good, then I realised that I had accidentally  used recycled vegetable oil that had been used to cook something vegetarian and did not enhance the taste of the cake!!  My fault completely – picked up the wrong bottle!!!  Not good, not edible but fun to make.  We are trying one of my Mum’s biscuit recipes this morning.  Here’s hoping for better success!

2016-01-14 16.15.20

She tricked me into having a swim! 😉  My second in two days and we had races – Abi mostly won!  Unfortunately, the goggles I had for her were too big and her eyes became very irritated by the chlorine and she refuses to swim in the community pool today.  I don’t blame her, her eyes were very sore and swollen.  So, instead of swimming it will be other fun things like designing, cat whispering,  doing our nails and the previously mentioned, biscuit baking.

2016-01-14 16.12.13


2016-01-15 07.18.07
Abi the Cat Whisperer in action.
2016-01-15 11.18.59
Nails by Abi.
2016-01-15 10.06.06
Successful biscuit baking.

At  the end of Abi’s sleepover, I can happily say it was a fabulous success.  The above activities were completed and a bucket load of fun was had by all … well, maybe Fev was a bit over all the whispering!!!!  In addition, Abi contributed to my Happiness Jar; we managed to do some craft activities;  (“We” meaning – I looked up the ideas on the internet and she did the creating); we also had time for those all important Abi – lead discussions … on the pros and cons of breast feeding in public ( Abi is not in favour … “It’s disgusting when people put their boobs out in public!” You may have a bit more work to do here, Abi’s Mum xx),  on how fairies are real ( Of course they are!!!) which stemmed from a very wiggly front tooth and a very worried little five year old that the Tooth Fairy may not find her way to my place.  She needn’t have worried as I’m a big fairy whisperer and the tooth remained in her mouth.

100 posts

I think that it is so appropriate that the 100th blog post I publish, just happens to be about  Abigail, her sleepover adventures  and the sleepover lessons I have learnt when she comes to visit.  It is appropriate because it was writing about Abi and my adventures, on my Facebook page and the enjoyment people got from reading about them, that were the catalyst to beginning my blog in the first place.  And here I am, 100 posts later and she is still entertaining me, teaching me and inspiring me!

2016-01-15 07.15.21

I love her so!



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    1. She really is Kathy! She came into my life and filled a huge hole in my heart, after the death of my husband. I love her so much and am so grateful to her parents for sharing her with me.

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