The Abi Diaries (part four)

I haven’t really been inspired to finish my weekend with Abi story.  Not because it wasn’t inspiring but rather it was exceedingly hot and humid.  The heat and humidity seems to affect my asthma and I then had to go and have scans etc on my grumpy right shoulder!  (No results on that front yet!)  So when this morning arrived cooler and wet, wet, wet, I felt like sitting down and looking over the previous weekend’s photos, in the hope that they jolted my brain and fingers into action.  Unfortunately, this did not occur until I opened my email and this was sitting there for me to read!  It immediately threw me back to last Saturday, when Abi asked me to come and colour with her.  I did and all went swimmingly, until SHE decided to colour the picture I was colouring in!  How dare SHE?  SHE used colours that didn’t fit my colour scheme!  SHE didn’t put the lids back on the markers!  SHE coloured too hard – so that the paper scrubbed up and looked messy!

2015-01-23 09.31.38

So I did what any self respecting colourist would do …. I started a new picture and left Abi to it!

2015-01-23 09.32.06

Having been a very touchy feely child who was constantly reminded by our neighbour, Reynolds, “to look with my eyes and not my fingers” or “Are your hands in your pockets?” before being allowed into her home.  I like to leave things in Abi’s room that she can touch and discover.  One of those things is a photo box containing pictures of my Boys when they were younger.  At some point in the day, I heard her exclaim

“Oh My God! Mandy, did you know that “BossBoy” is really, really talented?”

“Well, yes I did,” I replied.  “But what makes you say that?”

“He did a painting in a photo and now it is really truly hanging on my wall!!”

2015-01-23 10.18.27

Abi had found a photo of BossBoy painting, many years ago and she had recognized the same painting hanging on the wall in her bedroom!  Pretty amazingly observant, if you ask me – but you surely must be beginning to see that she truly is a genius by now!!

The rest of Abi’s stay was taken up with her showing me her computer skills and developing her addiction to the newly acquired Shopkins.  They have a website you know?

2015-01-17 09.25.30

2015-01-17 09.25.12

2015-01-17 09.34.21

2015-01-17 13.35.44

But there is always time for fashion and selfies!

2015-01-17 12.23.31

2015-01-17 12.24.30

Mummy gets an introduction to Shopkins!!!!
Mummy gets an introduction to Shopkins!!!!

Soon it was time to take Abi home and it was with much delight that this was one of the first things that happened!

You’re very welcome, Mummy!  (Remember those boxes all those years ago?  I do!)

So it is with much love and excitement that I will happily observe my little baby Abi, attack her new challenges of school and new friendships and new activites with a zest for life that I never want her to lose. She is ready!!!!

2015-01-17 19.05.32

And me ….. well I’m in the process of purchasing a couple of Adult colouring books from the link on Children’s Books Daily!

P.S: BossBoys art can be found here!


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  1. Oh glory me! Shopkins! I feel like I have nearly as many Shopkins in the house as books! I think we have the same teapot colouring book also!

  2. Well, Abi is due back for another sleepover tomorrow Megan – so who knows what I will be learning this round. Thanks for reading.

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