The Abi Diaries (part six) Day One.

It begins with a phone call to see when I’m free to have a little house guest to stay.  Once the date is decided upon, I’m then informed of the time span – this was to be her longest sleepover, 2 nights and 3 days. her choice!  I couldn’t be happier that, at 6 years old, Abi still sees my place as somewhere pleasant to spend some time during her school holidays.  As she has been in school for a couple of years now, we don’t get those spur of the moment visits or sleepovers.  Neither do I get the babysitting duties for her and her brothers, unless no one else is available – mostly those go to BabyBoy … just as Abi’s mum used to babysit him!  Where did that 25 years go?

A few days later, I have done some research and Abi has obviously done some thinking too.  We catch up after school one day and she suggests we might write a list – of things she needs to remember to bring and things we can do when she is here.  The list is written and a week later, Abi is delivered to my door by her Nana Robyn, who she talked into having an extra night sleepover with, the day before she was due to come to my place!!

I had booked to see the movie Trolls for lunchtime of our first day.  She knows that because it was on our list!  One of my jobs to do!  We had a few hours to spare before we had to go and so Abi spent the time settling into her room.  She opened the toy box and sorted through the toys.  Many are too young for her now but before I knew it, the tea set was set up on the little table  and we were having a tea party.  We have had a tea party every single time that she stays with me and we will continue to have them, until she doesn’t want to anymore.  Some things just feel familiar and right and this is one of those things.

As you know from previous posts HERE  Abi loves to play dress up and the next time I saw her was after she had donned some of the dress up clothes from the toy box.  An old leopard costume which BabyBoy wore to fancy dress party only 6 or so years ago and for her head …. a cushion that made her look like a mushroom.

She is such a ham and always playing to the audience for a laugh, even if the only audience is me!

Soon it was time to go to lunch then the movies.  I have recently discover THE best movie complex in our area which seems to never be busy, has generous, reasonably priced treats, has some recliners in every theatre and the rest of the seats super comfy, sells the biggest and best ice creams ever eaten and $4.50 ticket prices for kids & pensioners and $6.50 for adults in most sessions!  The Cineplex at Redbank is indeed a godsend and this is where we went.  We had a Macca’s for lunch, with the Happy Meal gift being a Troll pencil topper – winning!  We thoroughly enjoyed the Trolls movie, with much of the music coming from the ’70’s, I was able to sing a long – winning!

After the movie, Abi had a strong desire to go shopping and spend some money that she had burning a hole in her pocket.  She chose a keyring to hang off her bag for $4.50 and 2 dresses and a Trolls magic face washer for significantly more than $4.50 for me to buy her!  I reminded myself that I didn’t buy her anything I didn’t really want too!  Abi – winning!  As we walked down the mall, Abi spied a playground and spent a happy little while using all the equipment.

It was about now that Abi & Mandy had a Great Adventure!  I couldn’t remember at which level and which end I had parked the car.  I was not  very familiar with this carpark and with school holidays in full swing, it was busy.  I was almost certain we had to go down a level but my intrepid leader knew that we had to go up and so up we went. Up a ramp and up some stairs.  Surprise!  No car!  Abi thought that maybe we needed to try my idea of going down but took a great deal of convincing that we needed to go down 2 levels because we had gone up an extra one.  So down, down we went!  Surprise!  No car!  A worried look settled on Abi’s face when I suggested that we go back to the middle level and try walking down towards the exit but while Abi was happy to go back to the middle level, there was no way she would go down towards the exit ….  she was certain we needed to go up to the exit!  So up we went to the middle level and then up the hill to the exit!  Surprise!  No car!  By this time I had spied the car, down the hill near the exit but chose to let my intrepid leader come to the conclusion that we only had one direction to go ….. down the hill towards the exit.  Surprise!  We found our car!!  So after about 30 minutes of wandering around in the wilderness that was the carpark, Abi & Mandy’s Great Adventure was over and we were very happy to drive home.

When we got home, Abi was very keen to write a story about our day, while I prepared our dinner.

Blogger Abi wearing one of her newly purchased dress and headband combo’s.

Here is my very first guest blogger post by Miss Abigail aged 6 years.

Abi’s Adventure.

Wen I first urived to Mandys place I decorated the Christmas tree with ball balls and stars.

On my holiday I went to see the movie trolls. I had mcdoneleds for lunch.

There will be more posts from Abi on Day 2  but it had been a big day so after dinner it was bath and then straight to bed.   When a child goes to bed at 7:45pm and doesn’t stir until 7:30am you know you are winning!  Compare the 2 dinner plates – Before and After!  Things that are green or begin with the letter V are not Abigail’s favourite things!!









The Abi Diaries (part six) Day Two –

To Be Continued ….


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