The Birds and Benny Hill!

I’ve been trying to write a post about how bad my depression has been during the past weeks, all week.  I’ve started 3 posts but all remain unfinished because my mind keeps jumping back to a view I saw out of my extremely dirty kitchen windows!  Why don’t I just clean my windows?  Well, that will be answered in my post on how bad my depression is/has been lately, if I ever write it!  But I digress …  So I have given up and decided to write about the sight I watched in my yard for a good 10 or so minutes, earlier in the week.  I couldn’t take any photos because my windows are so bloody dirty that you wouldn’t have seen anything anyway, so you will just have to believe my written words.

You all know I have a birdbath and a developing garden in my backyard because I have written about it before – HERE.  Many varieties of native and the odd introduced birds have made my backyard their daily drink stop and public bath!  They often visit once or twice a day and they don’t seem to mind if other species of birds are splashing around – they just join right in.  Sometimes I need to refill the birdbath 2 or more times in the day, due to the fun and games being had!

Kookaburra in the birdbath.

One of the loveliest of the introduced birds that come calling are the strutting Spotted Dove.  They make a gentle cooing sound that I find soothing and they wander around my lawn and above the retaining wall, looking for seeds etc.

Spotted Dove.

Early last week in the afternoon, before many of the other birds had arrived, I noticed a small flock of about 5 or 6 Spotted Doves were in my yard. I had spied them about 30 minutes earlier on the lawn and in the birdbath.  However, it was a significant rustling that made me look up to see what was going on.  The only way I can describe it is to say THIS was going on …

Now as the male and female birds are very similar in size, plumage, colour and markings, I am going to assume that some of my little flock were female but most were male.  They were running (and I use the word running with due caution) in mostly single file, with great haste through the weeds and grass up above my wall.  Every now and then one brave bird would attempt to jump or flutter over the others, with the goal of getting to the lead bird, which I am supposing was a female.  She would duck and weave and the birds following would pretend to lose interest, only to pop out somewhere close enough and the chase would start again!

In the whole time I watched through my dirty kitchen window, I didn’t see one bird catch or even touch the leader!!  By the time the 10 minutes was up, other neighbourhood birds were arriving and the Spotted Dove flock simply returned to strutting around the lawn, looking for food.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was like teenagers pashing on the couch, when the rest of the family arrives in the room, to watch TV!  Nothing to see here, folks!

Back in the day, I loved to watch The Benny Hill Show on TV each week.  I bet that today, it wouldn’t even get made, let alone aired worldwide.  Times change and when we know better, we do better!

I still laugh when I watch the clip and laughing is a whole lot better than depression.


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