The Dreaded Jet Lag ….

After travelling to the other side of the world for a month, I am once again home in Australia and suffering from the dreaded jet lag!  I have much still to write about my time in Berlin and Prague, but as I found it more and more difficult to ‘write on the travel’, these posts will be retrospective over the next few weeks.

Goodbye Number 18!

I have never experienced jet lag before and did not really suffer much, if at all, on the trip over.  Since I have returned home, however, I have been engulfed by irregular sleep patterns and total lethargy.  Probably, not having a job to go to,  means I am worse and have succumbed to sleep at all the wrong times and places!  I’m sure the lack of structure has not been helpful but to tell you the truth …. I feel too bloody tired to care!!

Someone has been very happy to snuggle in bed with me at home!
Someone has been very happy to snuggle in bed with me at home!

The last few days, since I returned and the next couple of weeks, will be filled with catch up medical appointments – missed while I was away.  The most important thing for me is to make sure I don’t fall in a heap over the next weeks and undo all the good  progress I had made before travelling!  So, it will be back to regular counselling sessions; a restart of my fitness work with my Physio; some important medical tests that have been waiting to be taken; beginning the important work of searching for a job and getting back to regular writing and posting here on my blog.

Thank you for all those readers that have been patient with me over the last month or so, for continuing to read and follow The Mandy Diaries and a big welcome to the many new readers I seem to have picked up along the way!

Just wanted to touch base and I’ll be back with my normal Wednesday’s Words on ……. Wednesday , of course!!

In the mean time – any tried and true, jet lag remedies gratefully accepted.



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  1. Hello Mandy
    Back on home ground. What a tour you had. I am certain you will be now comforted that your son is being looked after and had a good network of young friends around him.
    What an enormous bag you went with!! After our recent trip to NZ for 6 weeks stay at our loved lake house Lake Rotoiti I have vowed not to travel with anything large that had to be lifted or hauled onto a trolly and especially in Europe along cobbled streets and onto trains!! I always pack too much just in case and have to get it into my head that I don’t need as much – of course it’s hard when you go to a colder climate and need jumpers and a coat.
    We are now in Brisbane til 7July staying near Sam. Nice to see more of the grandchildren. So may be we can catch up with you.

  2. Yes, Louise, it was quite the trip.
    My bag was very light and had 4 very sturdy wheels which was why I chose to use it! I packed light and only didn’t wear one item of clothing that I took with me …. So I am very proud of my packing efforts for my very first European visit. It would be lovely to catch up while you are in Brisbane. I’ll be in touch!

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