The Most Boring Post Ever!

Something weird is going on with my sleeping habits.  I have had 2 nights in the last month where I have actually not slept at all.  I’ve felt tired when preparing to go to bed and before preparing to go to bed but immediately my head hits the pillow, it’s eyes wide open and mind on full bore for me.


Before everyone starts giving me good techniques for preparing to sleep – I already have a very good routine with, cutting screens out early, having a regular sleep time, reading for a bit in bed and so on.  I have been a serial poor sleeper over the years but things had been settling down in that department and my sleep has been mostly consistent and satisfying.  It’s just that every now and then, like last night, nothing seems to work.  I just can not go to sleep!  At all!

So this morning, I finally opened my bedroom curtains at 4am and greeted the cool foggy morning with thoughts of “What a perfect temperature for sleeping!!!!!!”  It was still dark but the many birds that visit my garden were already beginning to sing and splash in the birdbath.  I didn’t feel like singing or splashing anywhere.  It was at that moment I realised how LOUD some of the Australian birds can SQUAWK!  I got up and made a pot of tea.


The first time I got up last night, was around 1am and the second time was just after 2:30am.  I had gone to bed later than my routine because the Boys had been over for dinner and to watch the footy with me.  I had cooked roast pork (that always gets them home) and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine.  The footy was a loss for our team but not unexpected.  I could see much to be happy about for a youngish team in the throes of rebuilding.  BossBoy’s constance criticism did annoy me but apparently I was just as bad with my constant positivity, according to BabyBoy!  We were both giving him a headache!!  After they left, I pottered around cleaning up the kitchen, watched a bit of TV then wandered off to go about my normal before bed routine.  As I said previously, it was a bit later than usual, around midnight and I did have to share the tap water with Fev, when I was brushing my teeth but nothing really significant.

At 1am, I was so wide awake that I wandered around my house looking for I don’t know what!  I tried reading but I kept dozing off …. so I went back to bed!  BOING! Eyes wide open again.  I stayed in bed tossing and turning for another hour and a bit but as Fev was on my bed, she kept snuggling up with me and then I’d move and she’d attack my wriggly feet!  Up again, this time I put the cricket on.  I know – screen bad!  It wasn’t too long before I was dozing on the couch again.  Off back to bed.  Bad idea – BOING!  Wide awake again!  This time I was not going to get up.  I got my phone and lay in bed playing Candy Crush Saga until I dropped my phone on my face after falling asleep mid game.  I know – screen bad!  It was about this time that Fev decided to find a flea that was somewhere on her body.  She scratched and scratched and scratched and scratched!  It was now 4am and curtains on my sleeping attempts.

I’m sitting here, typing this post, after absolutely NO sleep.  I have just realised that I have spent two hours typing the most boring blog post ever and I have actually fallen asleep 3 times at the computer while doing it.


Welcome to The Mandy Diaries ….. Easter Monday edition!  I’m going to publish it anyway.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more interesting!!


Hi, I’m Mandy! Wandering my way through life using words. Family and friends. Connection and community. I care. I write. I share. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you’d like receive updates via email please click HERE.

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