Traveling again ….

I’ve had a lousy day so far.  It began early with a trip to the airport to board a flight to Adelaide because my much-loved MIL passed away.  However, more on that in another post.  That is not the reason today is shite.

Earlier in the week I twisted my right knee.  It strained the ligaments and caused a lot of fluid to build up. The doctor said to rest it for 7 – 10 days and keep it up!  Yeah right!

So with this background, I left for the airport at 5 am this morning.  I arrived with enough time to spare and was limping my way to the travelator when halfway up … it stopped!  As the only passenger at this early hour I decided to drag my bags the rest of the way up.   With about two steps to go, I felt a ping in the calf of my left leg!  Then pain like I had not felt before.  I could not walk.


After a pep talk phone call with BossBoy, I decided to continue on.  I shuffled towards a lift that took me to the departure area.  A member of the ground staff was calling for anyone traveling to Adelaide to indicate – which I did.  I explained my problem and she said she would help me through.   In a flash, my luggage was checked through and my boarding pass was thrust into my hand.

Final boarding call for Adelaide”  boomed over the PA.  “Head to gate 30!”

Slowly, I shuffled towards the gate.  About this time a ground staff member grabbed my hand luggage and told me to follow.

“Calling Amanda Weber, your flight is closing! Please go to Gate 30.”

I shuffled faster!  The ground staff member ran ahead!! Keep going they called.

“Final call for Amanda Weber!  You are the last passenger and your plane is ready to depart. “

As Gate 30 came into sight, I called out that I’m coming but I can’t walk!  I was told that it wasn’t far to go now.  Not far!!  I had to hobble up and down two flights of stairs and then to the second back seat of the plane.

Everyone on that plane was staring at me and I began to cry with the pain and embarrassment.  The flight staff rushed to my side and settled me into three spare seats.  A bag of ice was fetched and applied to my calf and with it two paracetamol tablets.

There I remained for the duration of a very bumpy flight.  It was only then that I realised that the flight had departed ten minutes early!!!!  Yes, we were leaving early!!!!

On arrival at Adelaide, the flight staff attempted to find me a wheelchair – with no luck.  So I shuffled my way to the baggage pick-up, to find everyone gone and my bag disappearing back down the chute.  Eventually, it returned and I dragged my way out to the pick-up area.  The cold hit me in the face and I realised that I had left my jacket back home in Queensland.

So now I am lying on the couch, snuggled in blankets, after a hot cup of tea and anti inflammatory tablets, with both my legs up!

That, my friends, is why it is a lousy day!  That and the fact that it is Fathers Day and we have no Fathers or Grandfathers left on earth to celebrate.


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