Wednesday’s Words: Self Praise.

This week I have been thinking a lot about self praise and validation.  Although I often tell myself that I have come a long way or that I have made really great choices or that I’m doing well – those thoughts or words seem to fade quickly from my heart and mind because they  have not come from an external source.  While praise and reassurance from others is wonderful, the only person that can really build my self worth ….. is me!

Brené Brown is an author and researcher from America.  Her books, inspiring talks and truthful quotes have been helping to empower people for years.  The quote I have chosen to share, can be found in her best selling book Rising Strong.  My struggle with believing that I am enough is something I question on a daily basis.  The words “give ourselves permission” really spoke to me because following on from that – even if I do give myself permission to be certain things about myself …. I seem to take forever to convince myself that I’m telling the truth!

Here are Wednesday’s Words for today.



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