Wednesday’s Words: Go!

Today, across the country, many children and parents are beginning new journeys with the 2016 school year beginning.  It can be scary for parents and children alike.  For me, that time is long gone but moving from my comfort zone is an ongoing challenge.   The words of A.A. Milne are a constant comfort to me and so today,  I have chosen to share the wisdom spoken by Winnie the Pooh!

Today’s Wednesday’s Words …


Pooh’s words remind me that it is my responsibility to participate and not wait!  I have to get in there and play the game.  So today, when you pick your kids up after school – talk to that other parent or care giver that is waiting too;  join that group or committee;  go to that new club or class with your new found spare time or apply for that new job!

It’s time to get out there and be part of the game.


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