Wednesday’s Words: Everywhere.

Warsan Shire is a young woman!  She is a woman of the world!  She is a woman of today!

All of these things surprised me when I read about her.  As I am sometimes prone to do, I made assumptions about this writer, before I had any knowledge of the truth.  I assumed Warsan Shire to be a man …. and an old man at that!  I thought that “he” was an old man from years ago because surely such wisdom could only come from a wise old man!!!

How much more wrong could I be?


Warsan Shire is (according to Wikipedia) a 27 year old, London based – Kenyan born- Somali  woman, who is a poet, writer, editor and teacher.  Of course she is.  How else could her words express the pain and love and empathy and power and raw honesty that speak so directly to our life today?  Often the simplicity of her words cause tears to flow down my cheeks and sometimes the brutal harshness of her words cause blood to trickle from a place so deep inside me that I know the cut I have experienced can only be the precursor to a necessary healing.

On weeks like the ones we find ourselves in the middle of at the moment, I turn to her wisdom to help me to express my inner thoughts.  I find a simple truth in her poetry and a profound sadness, that mirrors my own clumsy thoughts, in a far more eloquent way than I am able to express.  So I am  sharing my most favourite section of her poem What They Did Yesterday Afternoon. The complete poem can be found HERE.

But the section I am choosing to share for my Wednesday’s Words is ….


I am aware that I have used this quote on my blog  before, as a part of a post entitled Feeling All The Feels but I make no apologies for using it again.


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