Wednesday’s Words: Blessings.

On a month when I have experienced discomfort, felt anger, shed tears and acted with foolishness – I could not go past this version of  A Franciscan Benediction!

The origin of the words can not be traced, definitively, back to St Francis of Assisi through history but as it is based on the life and teachings of Francis and is written in the tradition of the Franciscan way, it is commonly accepted as a Franciscan blessing.

Of course, the thoughts for consideration here, are far greater than anything that I experience on a daily basis.  But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t engage with the sentiments suggested and now, more than ever before, I have a responsibility to take care of our world – with all of it’s needs.

Wednesday’s words ….



I ask you today, to look further into our world and see what you can do!


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