Wednesday’s Words: Kindness.

How much better would our lives be, if we were just kind to each other?

This question was raised over a cuppa I was sharing with a friend this past week.  We were sharing, how we had both been spoken to by people in our lives, in a way that lacked thoughtfulness or understanding.  Both the point’s that the people concerned were making had merit, but the words chosen to convey their point, were harsh and lacking respect.  The lack of care taken and kindness shown only resolved to feed resentment and sadness, when a little kindness and thoughtfulness of word, would have had a very different result.

How hard is it to be kind to those around us?

Not very!  It isn’t dependant on how the recipient is feeling.  It is only dependant on whether WE can be bothered or not!  Kindness is a gift that benefits both the receiver and the giver.  The receiver feels it immediately.  They are built up, sustained, fed – if you will!  The giver feels good inside, especially if it is acknowledged by the receiver with a thank you or even a smile!  But if it is not acknowledged by the receiver in any way, the giver still knows that they were kind and feels good.

Often, we hear of and sometimes partake in, random acts of kindness, where kindness is bestowed on people we don’t know.  You know the kind – like buying coffee for the next person in line or covering someone’s grocery bill if they are a little short.  But I think that the area that it is hardest to show kindness in , is indeed the place in which it should be the easiest – our families and friends.  These are the people we take for granted.  Why should we show kindness here?  Because, simply, these are the people that do the most for us – day after day after day!  They are the people that sustain us and therefore need us to sustain them.

Kindness is best when met with kindness in return.  It knows no boundaries.  It can conquer all.

In the words of the great Mark Twain ….



How much better would the world be, if we were just kind to each other?

Try it this week and see!


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