Wednesday’s Words: Passport by Musa Okwonga.

It was Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand last Sunday but my family have no more Father’s to celebrate with.  My Boys are not Dad’s yet and their Dad and their Grandfathers have all passed away.  I do find it a little difficult on the day but my Boys generally text or call to see how I’m going and I check how they are going and I usually go and put flowers on their Dad’s grave.

Earlier this year, when in Berlin, I was privileged to have met and spent some time with a wonderful wordsmith called Musa Okwonga.  He gave me a copy of his beautiful book of poems called Eating Roses For Dinner and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his work.  He writes about challenging stuff …. his life and loves and political things.  He writes with beauty and honesty and clarity.  He also does the most amazing live performances of his poetry and although I wasn’t lucky enough to see him live, some of them are on YouTube.  Musa, also lost his father when he was young, although in entirely different circumstances than my Boys.  He speaks about his Dad in this moving performance of his poem “Passport”.  On a week when absent father’s were on my mind – I absolutely loved this poem.

The Wednesday Words I want to share with you today are Passport by Musa Okwonga


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  1. Wonderful and touching poem
    Fathers – mine still with us still breathing in his old world of thoughts
    Old stories years missing snippets of information sometimes rather muddled and demented other times quiet and peaceful
    Mixed emotions

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