Wednesday’s Words: Storms!

Brisbane is right in the middle of storm season.  Each and every day the unbearable Summer heat and humidity is cooled down for an hour or two, by a storm.  Often localised and sometimes causing severe damage to property and homes, these storms dump large amounts of rain in short periods of time.  With thunder booming and lightening blazing these spectacular tropical storms have contained cooling winds and twice they have dumped hail in my yard.


In my previous home, storms terrified me.  I was high up with large glass windows surrounding me.  The yard was full of huge gum trees and I felt alone, vulnerable and exposed.  I felt as if there was imminent danger but no place in which to hide.  I, also, used to suffer extreme water damage, with quite severe flooding.  An altogether unpleasant experience.

Now, in my present home, I feel safe and secure and have therefore started to look forward to the afternoon storms.  As mentioned previously, they cool the temperature considerably which is always welcome.  Within the safety of my home and the knowledge that they will eventually pass, I am able to appreciate the power and beauty of the thunder and lightning, the cleansing properties of the rain and the wonderful benefit of the rain on my lawn and garden.

So too, with the storms within my life!  With the certainty of strong friendships and the support of family, although not exactly enjoying them, I am able to appreciate that they do have value in my emotional development.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I share my Wednesday’s Words: Storms!




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