Wednesday’s Words: Fall or Fly?

You have probably noticed by now that I love words.  Especially words that can be made into a good picture quote.  I have Pinterest boards full of picture quotes.  All waiting to be shared.  Hence, the birth of Wednesday’s Words!  Each Wednesday I will share one of my favourite picture quotes to help us get through Hump Day.  Sometimes, I will share a little about why the words speak to me and about the author of the quote as well and there will usually be a clickable link to more of their words or website if they have one.  Please click on these links  – honestly, they won’t hurt you!!

Today’s Wednesday’s Words …


I absolutely love this picture quote.  What’s not to love – sepia photography, a little girl, a raggle-taggle angel/fairy and beautiful words!

I am a I think I will fail, I think I will fall  kinda girl!  I have been that way for a long time.  But I am in the process of challenging myself to fly!  BOOM!  This is my quote!!!

So where did these beautiful words come from and who is this wise writer ~e.h. ?

I was not surprised to find that these words are part of a slightly longer poem ….

there is freedom

The surprise came when I researched ~e.h.  I found that Erin Hanson (because that is her real name) is a 20 year old Australian, who lives just outside of Brisbane!  You can read more of her amazing words here.  There is also a very interesting interview with Erin, published here  on The Positively Glamorous blog.

Step off today and fly!



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  1. Love those encouraging words. The What If question. A couple of years ago I had a bad knee sore back and lower back problems and felt old.
    The question same up what if I exercised and broke through my mindset of feeling old . I have been swimming in a pool and jogging in a pool now and am a lot fitter stronger and in better shape. The biggest schievement is that you can become free and break old mind patterns. There will be a constant conversation going on in your head on and off that you can’t do it “today”. You can if you push through. Believe you can fly.

  2. Today I flew….
    I put on my togs and bomb dived into the pool! It felt good.
    Good on you, Louise for freeing yourself. I’m on my way.

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