Weekend Escape with Apologies to Thelma and Louise!

Their weekend away had been owed since a failed get together over New Year.  Although they saw each other weekly and spoke even more frequently, some free time at the beach, with each other, with no family demands, was hugely appealing.  Well, circumstances intervened and what was to be a weekend became an overnight stay but unperturbed they headed to the Coast with anticipation and wine and not much  else.  They planned to eat out and laze in the sun and have a proper catch up.  Thelma and Louise sprang to mind but without the driving off the cliff part but definitely hoping for the early Brad Pitt part!


Palm Beach welcomed them with rain but by the time they had opened up the house, unpacked their bags and poured the wine, the sun was shining and the sea air was starting to do its thing.  Their breathing was already in sync with the ocean.



Dinner was going to be at a Street Festival on the blocked off main strip.  They had noticed it was getting started as they drove down.  Old style family entertainment with kids games and food and free live music to listen to.  Thelma chose a tasty paella, while Louise chose butter chicken.  They found a spot to squat on a wall and enjoyed their meals, all the while people watching and feeling that contented buzz you get from sun, sea, no responsibilities, tasty food and  a large glass of wine!

2016-03-05 18.03.09


2016-03-05 18.02.35

After stopping to pick up a few essentials – milk, crackers, cheese and more wine – they made their way through the now large crowd, to the main stage.  What a show was going on!  The band Unusual Suspects was on stage and they, along with everyone else,  loved it!   Fun, colour, dance and of course the music was magic.  Eventually, they wandered home to a night cap, Despicable Me 2 on TV, then a cuppa and bed.  Not bad for a first night, they thought ….. 2 glasses of wine and a street festival!  Over 55 alert!!


Thelma woke at her usual 6am, made herself a cup of tea and wandered out the front door, down to the beach.  Hello Beautiful World!


2016-03-06 06.27.44

2016-03-06 06.25.17

After about an hour on the beach, Thelma wandered back home, expecting to find Louise awake and ready to go for breakfast.  Not so …. everything was still quiet, Louise’s door still shut and no movement.  Thelma made a second cuppa and sat in the sun reading.  It didn’t take long before the sun was too hot so she moved inside on the couch.  Still no movement from Louise.  Another hour went by and Thelma was beginning to be concerned – Louise never slept in this late when they were at the Coast before?  What if she was dead?  Who would she contact?   Next minute Louise appeared – Wreck of the Hesperus comes to mind!!  She had not slept well at all.  Thelma was relieved that she did not have to make that fateful call to Louise’s family, who were holidaying in Japan!  Water was splashed on faces, combs run through hair, morning medication thrown down willy nilly and it was time to find somewhere for breakfast.

Sunglasses on but no makeup and wearing exercise clothes, they found a table at a busy eatery.  Thelma ordered the fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and mango puree.  Louise went for bacon and eggs.  Sorry, no pictures because ….. you know …. break fast!!  Both were delicious and scrumptious.

After paying and leaving, they walked 5 steps from the eatery when Thelma announced that she didn’t feel so good.  Another 5 steps and she said that she thought she might be going to be sick.  Another 5 steps …. running (lucky she was wearing exercise clothes) and Louise was holding her hair back, while she emptied the contents of her stomach, publicly, into a planter outside a pub, on the street!  Over and over and over again!!  Hadn’t done that since she was about 18 years old.  After a slow wander back to the house, Thelma crawled into bed and slept for a couple of hours.  Louise read and wondered if she was going to have to contact Thelma’s family if she died!

Eventually Thelma awoke, picked at the beautiful lunch of prawns and salad Louise had prepared but mostly ate a bread roll without butter.  Louise went outside to eat the ice cream so Thelma didn’t have to watch.  Friends!  They did chat and they did doze and then Thelma slept on the couch again, while Louise washed the sheets from her bed.  The highlight of the afternoon was a Face Time call to Louise’s family in Japan!


The weather was closing in on the Coast.  Soon the clouds opened up and it poured with rain.  The sound of the ocean continued to regulate their breathing and the birds were happy.  Their final dinner consisted of Thelma eating slices of apple and pear, watching Louise eat cheese and crackers and drink her favourite wine.

2016-03-06 17.40.19

The trip home was a mixture of heavy rain, water on the road, then bone dry, road all the way up the highway.  They chatted and solved the problems of the world.  They didn’t meet Brad and they didn’t drive off the cliff.  They were glad they had each other and their friendship was strengthened by the time they had spent together.  On arrival, Thelma could hear the welcome of Fev through the door.  Who needed Brad Pitt, was what she was thinking as she opened the door to discover that Fev, too, had been throwing up, all over the floor – in 4 different places!

They hugged goodbye.  With that hug, was transferred feelings and thoughts of love and gratitude.  A knowledge that they had each others backs.  Louise drove off into the night to her own bed and a better night’s sleep.  Thelma went in search of Fev, who she found in her litter tray – pooping – having saved up all weekend just so Thelma could flush it down the toilet and Fev wouldn’t have to live with the smell until Thelma returned!!

Oh well!

But this ……


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    1. Yes, adventures come in all shapes and sizes. The beach was as spectacular as it always is and sharing the rest of the mess with my friend meant there were laughs aplenty!

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thelma & Louise weekend, except for the part of your friend being sick! I love a good weekend catch up with a close friend. It is one of my favourite things to do. 🙂

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