What Would You Choose?

If all your kitchen appliances stopped working except one, which one would you choose to keep going?  After giving this question no thought at all, I know I would answer – my dishwasher!!  Now I know this will not be what other, more sensible people choose.  Other more sensible people will choose the refrigerator or the oven or the washing machine.  But not me!  It will always be the dishwasher.

I love crockery and glassware but I hate washing up ….. and drying up as well!  Ever since I was a kid and had to dry the dishes after dinner a couple of times a week, I hated it.  I can remember my Mum leaving the dishes in a draining rack for hours because I would procrastinate so long in the hope someone else might do them.  How pathetic was that?  It’s a job that doesn’t even take that long to do but still I would put it off as long as possible.  It must have driven my Mum mad!


When I got married, I had a romantic view of Adrian and I, washing up after dinner, chatting about our day and catching up before snuggling on the couch in front of the TV at night.  WRONG!  For a start, Adrian worked from home and I was unemployed, so we knew what each other did all day so there was no need to chat and catch up.  Also, as church workers, there were many meetings that occurred after dinner, so there wasn’t much snuggling on the couch.  When he was home, Adrian would get up after dinner and begin the dishes, but the moment I got up to help – he would stop and go and do something else!  When I asked him why, he said it was such a waste of time for two people to do dishes when one could be doing something else!  So much for romance!!


Five years on, we had moved to our second parish and I had a toddler and a new baby, when I received a visit from the chairman of our church, who happened to be a good friend as well.  The kitchen was a mess, with dishes everywhere …. well to be honest, the house was a mess but I cleared a space at the table and we sat down to have a chat.  It was in the weeks leading up to Christmas and we got chatting about buying presents for our kids – he had two daughters and I had two sons and we were comparing the differences in buying for boys and girls.  He then asked me if I could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would I choose?  My eyes immediately were drawn to my messy kitchen and I blurted out …. Dishwasher!  Two days later, I almost died with embarrassment, when a brand new dishwasher was delivered to my kitchen!  I couldn’t believe my eyes and wished I had said soap or a book or anything else.  Such kindness …..

From that day onwards, a dishwasher became a non-negotiable in our future homes and in our marriage.  Whenever we were house searching, Adrian would go looking first and I would only go with the kids if it was a house he was really serious about AND it had a dishwasher!


Over the years we’ve remodelled four kitchens.  The first being necessary because there was not actually any gap for that original gift!  The second remodelling happened in the first home that was not owned by the church.  Our very first home of our own.  This was a short term home, which was just as well because this kitchen had no room for a dishwasher and I think if I hadn’t been extremely pregnant and needing to vacate the rental we were living in, there may have been a divorce!!  The third kitchen Adrian remodelled as a surprise for me when I went home to New Zealand for a holiday .  It sure was a surprise and was nothing like I would have chosen but it did have a new dishwasher, that had two drawers instead just the one big door.  This was it’s saving grace and I loved that dishwasher so much that when it came to moving into my own little unit after Adrian’s death, I knew that I wanted the same dishwasher.  So my fourth kitchen remodel was all my own choices, exactly how I wanted them, designed to fit around my dishwasher with two drawers!


How do you use your dishwasher?  I put everything in – well just about.  None of this hand-washing of pots and pans.  No way …. into the dishwasher it goes.  As I live alone, I use one drawer everyday or so, and I rotate the drawers to keep the wear and tear even.


Yes, I have a love affair with my dishwasher and that is why it has to be my choice as favourite appliance.  I figure that you can use a laundromat for washing clothes; you can sweep and mop; you can barbecue for cooking; you could buy as you go for fresh food and I try not to iron anyway!

So, what would your one only, working appliance be?  And why?  Computers and phones  don’t count!


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