When I have No Words … Glennon Does!

Some weeks it is difficult to write post worthy blogs.  This week has been one of those weeks.  Once again, change is in the air for me and my focus has needed to be on other things.

Today, I want to share with you a Facebook post from my favourite truth teller, Glennon Doyle Melton.

Glennon Doyle Melton photo 2015 - credit to Amy Paulson Photography

Glennon always seems to speak to my heart and from my heart.  Her post this morning reminded me that we all need to just ….

Find a moment to break the rules, stop the game and find each other again.

If you want to read more from or about Glennon, you will find her at Momastery.

Here is her full post from Facebook this morning.

You guys- I only have a couple minutes but pretty please read this before you begin today:

Okay, this is what Craig just told me about his men’s league soccer game last night:

“The game was crazy. We were playing our league rivals and both teams were so fired up. People were playing dirty and cursing at each other and even the guys on the benches were screaming.

Then, in the middle of a play- somebody yelled onto the field: LOOKING FOR A KID!”

And everybody on the field froze and everybody on the bench shut up. And we learned that a guy from the other team couldn’t find his four year old. And without speaking- everybody just stopped the game and ran. We ran in every direction and guys from my team partnered with guys from the other team to comb the fields. One guy and I went to the parking lot and stood in the middle of the entrance and stopped any car from leaving.

For ten minutes- we became this search team. And then somebody found the little guy. He’d wandered off with another family. And one of the guys from the other team- one of the guys I’d just told to shut up ‘cause he was screaming so loud- was standing there holding the little guy- hugging him so tight and we all just stared.

And then we started the game again. Everybody played just as hard but there was less yelling. Everybody played cleaner.”

And I just stared at Craig and said: Oh my gosh. That’s IT.

You guys. Right now. Everything’s loud and dirty and both benches are screaming at each other.

We’ll make it through. But I want to do better than that. I want to make it through TOGETHER.

To make it through together we gotta remember that even in the heat of the game: there are some rules of engagement. One of the rules is that every once in a while we just gotta stop yelling and take care of each other’s babies.

That’s the truest rule.

Even with so many benches and so many teams and dirty play – we still know we belong to each other. We still know there is no such thing as other people’s children.

I love you so much.

Find a moment to break the rules today, stop the game and find each other again.

The game is long and exhausting but we already know that Love Wins.


Break some rules this Friday.


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