When Loss Feels Too Big!

Hi everyone – I was about to post the Abi Diaries (part six) last night when I read the news of the death of inspirational Five Fairies and a Fella blogger, Julia Watson.  I’m afraid, as expected as this was, I just feel heartbroken.  It has brought back all my feelings of losing Adrian, so close to the surface that I just can’t today.

Julia and her pet Bolt – who came to visit her yesterday.

Some of you will know that our family experienced a bowel cancer diagnosis earlier this year but ours was a very different outcome than Julia’s.  I hope to be able to write about that down the track.  But just knowing what could have been, through watching Jules and her family try everything  to be around as long as possible, was both inspiring and harrowing from my perspective.

I’ve decided that all I can offer today is to share some links to blogs of people who knew Julia Watson better than me and have written about her wonderful legacy.  Click  through and admire this woman that gave so much to so many more than her husband and 4 daughters.  If you have the opinion that blogging is just a toy for bored women – Julia Watson and the other writers listed below, should easily convince you that blogging is real and honest and connecting and life-saving. I will add to this list as more tributes are written.

Rest peacefully dear Julia and know that, we your online lovers will care and protect your family forever. Thank you for all that you left us with.  Those things that inspire and empower us to serve each other.

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  1. What an incredibly sad loss and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Although I didn’t know Julia she sounds like such an incredibly inspiring and courageous woman. May her soul rest in peace and her words and spirit live on forever.

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