“Where on earth did that come from?”

Do you ever look at your kids and say to yourself ….

“Where on earth did that come from?”

I do!

The physical similarities are easy to trace to their father or myself or even their grandparents or cousins.  The love of sport and their ability to achieve reasonably well, is also easily tracked, with both Adrian and myself and my father, more than capable sportsmen!  Some medical conditions, like asthma, run through our gene pool.  Writing is a common theme, with all three Boys capable – taking after their great aunty and their mother!  And then of course, music – Adrian was an outstanding pianist and music teacher; I like to sing and can play a little guitar; both grandmothers could both sing and one even performed at concerts with her sister on stage in their day; cousins on both sides could sing and play, with some with their own bands and two of my Boys play in bands too.  Easy to see the family ties!

But then I come to the word Art!  Not a scrap of artistic ability anywhere on either side of our family – and yet, all three of my Boys have varying degrees of artistic expertise.  All three abilities are very different but there is skill shown by each of them.

“Where on earth did that come from?”

My oldest son, who I refer to as BossBoy, works full time as a professional artist.  He did a Visual Fine Arts degree at Uni but it took him another ten years to have ago at art full time.  His artwork is diverse in media and size and subject.

He paints abstracts  –


He does ink illustrations with fantasy being a huge theme –


He does murals in pubs and clubs around Brisbane –


He does live art every couple of  months at a local restaurant, The Pepper Lounge



He illustrates graphic novels and children’s books, designs tattoo’s and paints and draws commissions.  He can be found here  if you are interested.  Yes, I am extremely proud of him but …..

“Where on earth did that come from?”

My middle son, or BerlinBoy as he is known on here, is a designer, specialising in web design.  After completing an Arts degree, majoring in Psychology  and working in the mental health field for awhile, he eventually decided to go exploring the world.  He arrived in Berlin almost 7 years ago now and set about developing his own successful, design company.  Over the years he has built his business, initially around his love of football, but now has expanded to a secure business, servicing a diverse clientele.  He is known for the simplicity of design and really enjoys the creative side of working with his clients to develop concepts.

andrew-logoHis website and portfolio can be found here and he has the benefit of being able to work from anywhere in the world, through his computer and the internet.  Yes, I am extremely proud of him but ….

“Where on earth did that come from?”

My youngest son, or BabyBoy, also has artistic ability which is completely different from either of his brothers.  He is at Uni as a mature aged student, studying education, majoring in history.  His artistic bent is in the painting of miniatures and terrain for gaming.  His ability to do this is outstanding.  He has patience and an incredible eye for detail.  For BabyBoy, his love of painting models began as a young boy and he has always had a painting area, no matter where he lived.  I can’t tell you enough how good he is – I can only show you some examples.





Yes I am extremely proud of him but ….

“Where on earth did that come from?”

So there you have it!  Three sons with totally different artistic ability, that has come from I don’t know where!!  So glad they have it though, because it makes for a really interesting life.   Can you recognise where all your kids traits come from or is there an out of the blue skill?



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